Opportunity for a pop-up shop?

December 02, 2014

At SHERENE MELINDA, we are always looking to experience new things. This trait is something that is reflected in our work, as we continually strive to create new and unique handbags and also to introduce creative ways on selling and try new marketing ideas.

We are a new London-based handbag designer brand that prides itself on creating original and distinctive styles. Inspired by the designer’s South African heritage, our current collection of bags all feature authentic and symbolic springbok hair-on-hide. Our handbags are intended to be versatile and practical, suitable for both work and play. Our brand’s luxury, handcrafted handbags are finished with leather inside and out. They come in a range of vibrant colours, and are made with the belief that every handbag should last a lifetime.

In our quest to try new things, we are now looking for opportunities for pop-up shops. Pop-up retail is the idea of creating temporary, usually lasting a day or two, outlets in business, commercial, or public spaces. As the shop or stall is only there for a brief time, it creates a sense of exclusivity and promotes the idea of a one-off opportunity for customers. There are multiple benefits to those who host the space for the pop-up shop. If it is a commercial space, for example a shopping centre, then the host can benefit from adding a new type of shop which customers will not find in any other shopping centre and they will enjoy the chance of buying a unique product that cannot be found on the high street. If the space is for business, then the employer will be able to offer their employees the chance to do some shopping at work and find a great gift for them or for somebody they care about. This can also be seen as a benefit in kind to staff.

The pop-up shop is a mutually beneficial resource and something that we are very eager to be more involved in. We already have some good experience in running our own stall, having done shows such as the Spirit of Summer and also the Christmas Fair, and the feedback we received from customers during these shows was overwhelmingly positive. You can read more about our experience at the fair by clicking here. We look forward to sharing our beautiful handbags with more people and experiencing something new that will benefit all parties involved!

Please contact us if you have any pop-up shop opportunities as we would love to hear from you and discuss further the opportunity to get involved.


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