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Baby blue and brown leather tote bag



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The baby blue and brown leather tote bag measures at 40cm wide, 30cm and 15cm deep. It is designed to be a functional and practical bag perfect for shopping or even a sleepover. The baby blue springbok hair-on-hide makes this handbag a stylish and unique fashion accessory. Our leather tote bags are our first ever design and therefore they hold a special place in our hearts and hopefully will in yours as well.


This bag’s size is complimented by the adjustability of an internal strap, which when opened gives the handbag the style of a bucket bag and when closed the style of a medicine bag. Giving you the freedom to adjust the size of your bag so easily makes it practical and usable in a variety of situations.

The external strap is also adjustable and allows you to wear the handbag in different ways. For example you could make the strap shorter and wear it over the shoulder, or make it longer and wear it across the body.

The adjustability of both these straps highlights the versatility of this stunning handbag.


This leather tote bag is visually striking; the front is covered with baby blue soft springbok hair-on-hide. The hair-on-hide is entirely natural which means it is durable against moisture and dirt and easy to clean. Due to the nature of the hair-on-hide, the colouring contains various tones which make the handbag easy to match with the rest of your outfit.

We believe that every handbag should last a lifetime and that is why this leather tote bag is made with only the highest quality materials such as the brown Italian leather which is used to make the back of this handbag. The baby blue springbok hair-on-hide itself is entirely authentic and the inside of the bag is fully lined with black pig skin leather.


To ensure that your leather tote bag retains the excellent condition it arrives in we supply a dustbag for the purposes of handbag storage.


Every piece of springbok hair-on-hide is different from another, some have a fan on the top, some have a tail on the bottom, and some have neither. This makes every handbag special and unique to you. The black and white images shown alongside demonstrate this more clearly, click here to see an example image of the fan piece, and click here to see an example image of the tail piece. Please feel free to outline your preferences by selecting from the drop down options above. If you are having difficulty deciding which option would suit you best or have any special preferences then please feel to contact us.


  • This bag measures at 40cm wide, 30cm high and 15cm deep
  • The back is made with light brown 100% Italian leather
  • The front features baby blue springbok hair-on-hide
  • The inside is fully lined with black pig skin leather
  • The bag has an adjustable strap inside which can be opened or closed to create the style of a bucket bag or a medicine bag
  • The bag has an inside zipped pocket and two pouches for your mobile phone and pen
  • The bag has a keyring attachment inside
  • It uses YKK zips on the pockets.
  • Comes with a dust bag to keep the bag clean
Baby Blue with Brown