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Orange Leather Backpack with a Fan



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Style & Purpose

This luxurious handbag is the first gender-neutral accessory at SHERENE MELINDA. It has a carefully crafted simple shape with an oval base. The depth of the oval base measures 4 cm at the two edges and 9 cm in the middle. 

The top of the backpack is opened using a double zipper and the zip ends are clipped on each side of the bag. These clips serve both a decorative purpose and help preserve the straight silhouette of the bag, a significant feature for allowing it to compliment the body shapes of both men and women. The shape is also important for giving the backpack an urban appeal as the clean lines make it perfect for city life.

The zip closure is further secured using an arching flap that shuts with hidden magnets.There is an additional pocket below the flap, which is also sealed with a third hidden magnet located in the centre. 


The magnetically closed flap on the front of this handbag is covered with authentic springbok hair-on-hide, in a varied range of stunning colours. The remainder of the outside of the bag is made with soft leather, also in a range of colour. The inside of the backpack is fully lined with natural pig skin leather, which has not been treated using any artificial chemicals.

Additional Features

The bag has a handle centred along the top and two back straps. The handbag’s straps measure at 3 cm wide. The width of the straps and the use of high quality leather mean they cushion the body well and achieve maximum comfort.

There is a hidden pocket on the outside, left side back of the bag, closed with a zip, which rests against the body. This makes it an ideal place to store important valuables.

Key Facts

  • The height of the bag is 36 cm and the width of the bag is 30 cm. The base of the bag is oval shaped. The depth of the oval base measures 4 cm at the two edges and 9 cm in the middle.
  • The outside of the handbag is made with 100% genuine leather and authentic springbok hair-on-hide.
  • The inside of the handbag is fully lined with natural, ecofriendly, pig skin leather.
  • The handbag uses only YKK zips.
  • Contains an inside zipped pocket and mobile/pen pouch. 
  • It has a hidden pocket, which is closed using a vertical zip, and rests securely against the body on the left hand side.
  • There is an adjustable slider on the straps of the bag. Both straps measure at 3cm wide. Each strap has a leather tab, which can be used to keep the strap looking neat.
  • Includes a dustbag to keep the handbag clean.