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About us

SHERENE MELINDA is a London-based handbag designer with a vibrant and sophisticated yet playful South African-inspired style. Our current range of authentic ethically sourced springbok hair-on-hide handbags is offered in an array of eye-catching textures and shades, complemented with a fully lined interior of the softest leathers. Every handbag is designed with the vision of making a statement and lasting a lifetime.

Established in 2013 by Creative Director Sherene Smith, the brand has gone from strength to strength. With a background in business and a keen eye for detail and good design, Sherene has led the business with a focus on commercial growth. Using her South African heritage as a source of inspiration, she has created a niche range that appeals to the wider international market. Feedback has been positive amongst the industry and customers alike for the brand’s emphasis on luxury and vivacious use of colour.

SHERENE MELINDA has been featured in publications such as Vogue, Tatler, Marie Claire, Elle and Collezioni Accessori. The handbags have been seen on the runways of London Fashion Week and exhibited at international trade show Premiere Classe in Paris, Scoop in London and Designers & Agents in New York and in Los Angeles. The brand currently sells online through their website, at retail shows across the UK, pop up shops and with stockists, both local and international.

Sherene Melinda Springbok Handbags, contemporary London designer

"I have a great love of many things. For both the old and the new, those items that you can touch and admire, but also the intangible spirit of the young and the wise of the old. I especially love those that make me laugh. I appreciate good design, both of beautiful old things; cities, buildings, cars, furniture, gadgets, clothes, accessories. But also of the new; I love technology and all it has to offer. I love to travel and have a thirst for new experiences. I can spend hours in charity shops, love antiques and enjoy a car boot sale. I also love losing time in the shops and rummaging around in sale racks.

I have always loved all things sparkly. Whether it is sparkly lights, sparkly clothes or jewellery; a bottle of bubbly, or whether it's the sparkle of the people that inspire me. I am South African born and bred with most of my adult life spent in London. I love South Africa and I love London. South Africa is filled with raw beauty and is the place that I developed a respect for good design and quality, a mixture of architecture, wood, leathers and an appreciation of the vibrant African style. London opened my eyes to a beautiful cosmopolitan world and simplicity.

So with all this inspiration and my passion for business and making things happen - it is a beautifully designed handbag that has taken the focus of my attention.

SHERENE MELINDA is a brand of handbags that reflect all the things I love.

I hope that you will love it too."