Giving Back

SHERENE MELINDA supports the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

With the ever-increasing strains on our beautiful earth we support their drive for a healthy planet and an equitable world that values and sustains the diversity of life.

We identify with  their mission to conserve threatened species and ecosystems in east and southern Africa to the benefit of all people. All the EWT does is underpinned by 10 core values:

Sustainability is a core part of our small business and the ethical nature of our offering is very important to us. We are committed to making every improvement to our work processes and to our unique product offering wherever possible; leading the way; ensuring our children can also share what we have been lucky enough to experience in our lives.


Our handbags are made using leather both inside and out. We use nappa leather on the outside and the handbags are lined with an ecofriendly (using no harmful chemicals or dyes) natural pigskin leather in the inside. This helps to make our bags incredibly soft and luxurious but also durable and longlasting.

For our signature feature that we have become known for we use genuine Springbok hair-on-hide leather. The ethical source of the materials is very important to us. Springbok are classified as non-cites (which means there is no threat to the survival of the species) and the animals live freely in abundance in South Africa. The sustainability of the species is carefully managed and the population is culled to keep the ecosystem in balance. The local food industry benefits from this and the by-products are also utilised in decorative ways in interiors, furniture and fashion.

All our leathers are a by-product of the food-industry.

We use only high quality YKK zips and silver-coloured metal chains, studs and handbag hardware.

All our handbags are offered with a white cotton dustbag to keep them clean.