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We use ethically sourced Springbok Hair-on-hide as a feature panel on the front of our handbags.

Our handbags are made with genuine springbok hair-on-hide. The ethical nature of the materials we use is very important to us.

Springbok (Antidorcas Marsupialis) have a species status of 'least concern' and have an increasing population trend. They are not CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna) protected. The animals live freely in great abundance in Southern Africa and the sustainability of the species is carefully managed. Ensuring the survival of the species, Springbok are culled seasonally and this maintains population control. Importantly all parts of the animal are utilized; in the food industry and the hair-on-hide is also used in a decorative way in interiors, furniture and fashion.

All our handbags have the main composition of high quality Italian nappa leather.

We use a natural eco-friendly pigskin leather in the lining of all our handbags. This means it is produced in an environmentally friendly way without the use of dyes and chemicals.

Our beautiful handbags are all handmade in a small family owned factory in Portugal. Our designer, Sherene, works very closely with the team in Portugal all year round to ensure the end-to-end process always maintains the highest standards that we expect.


Our Standard Delivery in the UK is with UPS and takes 2-5 working days.

At the moment we are not offering standard overseas delivery. If you wish to make a purchase then please contact us and we will be able to provide some options.

We would be happy to arrange special collection for your designer handbag. Just tell us what it is and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

For any special requirements please contact us directly and we are always happy to help.


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The Springbok hair-on-hide feature will not be affected by getting wet from a bit of rain for example. Being water-resistant it will dry out easily just like your own hair and go back to its original condition.

If the hair-on-hide panel of your handbag gets dirty from a drink/liquid or substance then gently wipe the handbag with a damp cloth or a soft brush and let it dry out.

N.B. Here it is important that whenever you brush or wipe it, you do not to brush up and down the hair-on-hide or side to side, but only brush/wipe gently in the same direction of the hair-on-hide as going against the direction of the grain may cause damage to the hair.

When you are not using your handbag it is recommended to store it away carefully in its dustbag. For keeping it in the best condition, place it somewhere away from direct sunlight making sure it is neither too hot or too cold.

Being a natural feature, if the handbag is stored with the fan gently pushed flat against the handbag (preferably inside its dustbag) then the fan with pop back out as it was before when you take it back out of the bag.

If the handbag is not stored in this way and the fan feature becomes misaligned and squashed then take a damp cloth and gently wipe the fan area in the same direction of the hair. This will return it to its original shape.

A fixing spray designed for suede can be used to give further protection to the hair-on-hide feature, but it may alter the appearance of the item. Spray lightly from a distance of 6 inches away being careful to avoid the smooth nappa leather sections of the handbag . Do not saturate the hair or wash the handbag. To ensure you will be happy with the results of the fixing spray it is advisable to first test it out on a small area of the hair-on-hide.


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