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Springbok Hair-on-hide

The ethical nature of the materials and of our designs is very important to us and our brand. The entire collection of handbags is made with ethically sourced springbok hair-on-hide combined with the finest Italian leather and all handbags have a fully lined interior of natural eco-friendly pigskin leather.

Springbok are not cites protected and this means there is no threat to the survival of the species. The animals live in abundance in Southern Africa and the sustainability of the species is carefully managed. As a result the Springbok are culled seasonally for population control and importantly all parts of the animal are utilized, both in the food industry and the hair-on-hide is also used in a decorative way both in interiors, furniture and fashion.

The natural elements that express themselves through each of the individual hides provide a unique quality to each handbag which makes each piece both desirable and personal.