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The Handbag Project

SHERENE MELINDA proudly supports South African charity The Jes Foord Foundation in a bid to help victims of rape. The foundation was set up in 2008 by Jes Foord, who became a heroine to many South Africans following her valiant and courageous response in the aftermath of having been traumatically raped by four men. Drawing from her personal experience in being a victim of rape, she was inspired to set up the foundation and along with it various projects to protect victims, offer counselling and help raise awareness amongst South Africa's youth.

One of their projects is called The Handbag Project, which aims to provide victims of rape with a handbag holding items that will be of great assistance to them in the initial reporting process that follows their attack. The handbags are given to the victim and includes items such as a facecloth, soap, shampoo, deodorant, chocolate and tissues. (Click here to view the full list of the items that are included in the handbags). Donations of any of these items are welcomed and will make a huge difference. The bag also includes a note to remind the victim to stay strong and help them get through their ordeal. The Handbag Project is a special way of reminding victims of rape that they are not alone and SHERENE MELINDA are delighted to be supporting this worthy cause.

How can you help?

The Jes Foord Foundation is in continuous need of handbags. This includes women’s, men’s and children’s bags, as not only women are victims of rape. If you have any bags that you longer use or you were given one as a gift and have no intention of using it, then we encourage you to send the bags to us as we are collecting them on behalf of The Jes Foord Foundation.

From June 17th to June 20th, we will be exhibiting at The Spirit of Summer Fair, where you can bring along your old handbags to donate.

You can donate directly to The Jes Foord Foundation by visiting their website (click here) and help their efforts in looking after the 66,000 South Africans who report having been a victim of rape each year.