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Grey Stripe Hair-on-hide Trainer Model 001 in White Suede


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Sneaker / Trainer Model 001
Ethical Hair-on-hide Leather Feature in Grey Stripe
White Suede Leather Upper
Full Leather Lining
Comfortable and Supportive Inner Sole
Sustainable Bio Outer Soles made from 69% Sugar-Cane Resin
Exceptionally Lightweight Shoe
Wide Cotton Lace
Reusable / Biodegradable Cotton Dust bag


Our shoes are not ordinarily offered in a shoe box. The shoes are beautifully packaged in a reusable biodegradable cotton drawstring dust bag. We ship the shoes in a recyclable cardboard delivery box and do our best to save the environment through all the decisions we take.  If you would like your shoes delivered in an additional gift shoe box then please note this in your order and we would be happy to fulfil this for you.


Hair-on-hide with Suede Sneaker Materials

Our shoes are made using leather both inside and out. We use suede or nappa leather on the outside and the shoes are lined with a soft natural leather on the inside. This helps to make our shoes incredibly comfortable and luxurious but also durable and long lasting.

For our signature feature that we have become known for we use genuine Springbok hair-on-hide leather. The ethical source of the materials is very important to us. Springbok are classified as non-cites (which means there is no threat to the survival of the species) and the animals live freely in abundance in South Africa. The sustainability of the species is carefully managed and the population is culled to keep the ecosystem in balance. The local food industry benefits from this and the by-products are also utilised in decorative ways in interiors, furniture and fashion.

All our leathers are a by-product of the food-industry.

The insoles have been specially selected for comfort.

The outer soles of the shoes are incredibly lightweight and are environmentally friendly as they are made using bioplastics; we call them eco-soles. They are composed primarily from a renewable energy source being sugar cane resin.

The shoes are packaged in a reusable biodegradable white cotton drawstring dust bag to keep them clean.

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