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October 20, 2014

Sherene Melinda Baby Blue Haupt Bag - Designer Springbok Handbag

 The Haupt Bag

Last week we talked about the inspiration behind our newest style, ‘The Haupt Bag’, and explained the manufacturing process behind creating a quality designer handbag. This week we wanted to introduce you to the bag and talk in depth about its versatility, which we believe to be its greatest feature.

 ...a handbag inspired by heritage...

As mentioned last week, the bag is inspired by the designer’s heritage. The bag features South African springbok hair-on-hide; and the name ‘Haupt’ is German for main, or top of the hierarchy. The name accurately represents what this bag is about. We feel that this style is the main one of our current collection because it is the handbag that suits every situation.

Whether you need a handbag for going to the office, collecting the kids from school, meeting a friend for lunch, or heading out for drinks; the Haupt Bag would be a suitable choice for all of these occasions. This is just one way in which it is so versatile.

 ...a handbag designed with practicality and style in mind...

 The Haupt Bag contains design elements of the oversized clutch bag but aims to increase the versatility of the bag by providing two detachable straps. The first of these straps is made of leather and matches the colour of the springbok hair-on-hide. The second strap is made with silver coloured chain.

The idea is that you can attach either one strap or both of them. For example you could attach the leather strap and wear it over your shoulder, or you could wear it in the same way with the silver chain. Or you can attach them both and wear the bag across the body. We will be releasing a blog a few weeks from now which will more clearly explain how the bag can be worn, so keep an eye out.

The versatility of the Haupt Bag comes from both its usability for most occasions and the way in which you can choose how to wear it. It is for these reasons that the Haupt Bag has clearly been designed with practicality and style in mind.

...a handbag that features only the highest quality materials...

As with all our handbags at SHERENE MELINDA, the Haupt Bag is made with the highest quality materials and the greatest attention to detail.

The front of the bag features authentic springbok hair-on-hide which is silky smooth to the touch. Another great feature of the hair is its durability against damage from moisture or dirt. It means the bag will last a very long time which is something we believe is important. The exciting news is that the handbag will be available in over ten different colours, so there is likely to be something to suit everybody. Also the various tones of the springbok hair-on-hide makes it easy to match your handbag to the rest of your outfit.

The outside back of the bag is made with 100% glazed Italian leather and shows off just how high quality the handbag is.The inside is lined with black pig skin leather which is very soft. The handbags use only YKK zips which are excellent.

We believe that by creating a handbag using these materials, the bag will stay in the same condition as it was the day you purchased it.

 ...a handbag you can own...

We will be officially launching the Haupt Bag at the Spirit of Christmas Fair from the 4th November, and after then it will be available to purchase online. There has been a lot of interest in this bag, which we believe is because it’s so unique and original.

It gets even better; you can own one of these beautiful bags at no cost. Towards the end of the show we will be holding a competition and giving away one of the Haupt Bags for free. More details of this are to come and we will be announcing the competition on our Facebook page so if you haven’t already, like our Facebook page and keep an eye out!


Share the fantastic news about our newest style below, and let us know your thoughts about the Haupt Bag, feedback is important to us

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