The perfect gift

October 24, 2014

Sherene Melinda Gift Boxed Haupt Bag - Designer Springbok Handbag

Sometimes finding the perfect gift can be difficult, especially when it comes to personal items such as women’s accessories and clothing. If picked correctly, however, one of these items can be the perfect gift for a person who is special to you. It is a well known fact that the majority of women like a beautiful handbag, and at SHERENE MELINDA we love the idea of our newest style, the Haupt Bag being the perfect gift.

Packaging is just as important as the gift

Gifts are best when wrapped because it adds to the excitement and intrigue your loved one experiences before opening it. That is why we take so much care and time over the way in which our handbags are wrapped.

The handbag comes packed in a luxury gift box. This will add to the excitement that special person experiences before opening it, they know from looking at the box that what’s inside is something that’s going to be really meaningful.

It is delicately wrapped in tissue paper, adding another layer to the suspense and excitement of opening the gift.

Our handbags come complete with a dust bag which is intended for keeping the bag clean when it is not being used. This added feature shows that a lot of thought has been put in to this gift and it will put an even bigger smile on the lucky person’s face.

A high quality gift creates a memory that lasts forever

At SHERENE MELINDA we pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials when creating our handbags. The inside of the bag is lined with black pig skin leather, the outside back of the bag is made of 100% Italian glazed leather. The front of the bag is covered with beautiful and authentic springbok hair-on-hide which is very soft. The bag uses YKK zips which are considered by many to be great quality and durable.

Using the highest quality materials means that the handbag lasts a lifetime. The greatest thing about giving and receiving a gift is that it leaves both parties with a memory. This memory is often revisited when the receiver uses the gift and thinks about the person who gave it to them. A handbag that lasts forever will leave a memory that lasts forever, and this is why our handbags make such perfect gifts.

Many colours to choose from

When it comes to giving a person clothing and accessories as a gift, one of the most important things to consider is colour. This is because everyone has a preference regarding which colours they feel suits them. With our handbags, picking the right colour is easy, because we have such a big range to choose from. Our most recent style, the Haupt Bag, comes in; red, brown, pink, royal blue, baby blue, yellow, black, green, orange, and natural. Furthermore, because of the nature of the springbok hair-on-hide, the colours are multi tonal which means the person you are giving the gift to will find it very easy to match the handbag with the rest of their outfit.

Treat someone special with something special

We have made finding the perfect gift an easy task. The Haupt Bag is high quality and even comes packed and ready to be opened. We will be launching our newest style, the Haupt Bag, this November at The Spirit of Christmas Fair where you can get a closer look at all our handbags. In the meantime, you can browse the rest of our range of styles by clicking here.

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