The many ways of wearing your Haupt Bag

October 31, 2014

We have spoken a lot recently about our newest style at SHERENE MELINDA, the Haupt Bag. One particular aspect of this handbag that we continue to emphasise is its versatility. We believe our newest design is so unique because of the vast choice it gives to people in terms of how they wear the bag and what event they choose to wear the bag to. This week we will suggest various ways in which you could wear the Haupt Bag. In the end however, the choice will always be yours to make.

Unique feature: adjustable straps

The key to making the Haupt Bag so versatile is the addition of two detachable straps. One of these straps is made with leather and is the same colour as the leather that lines the back of the bag. The other strap is made with silver coloured chain.

These straps may be individually attached to the handbag, in other words, you could attach the leather strap on its own, or the silver chain on its own. Or you can attach both straps together and then attach the newly formed longer strap to the handbag. We hope that by adding this feature you will be encouraged to experiment and get creative with how you wear your Haupt Bag. Listed below are just a few ways in which you could wear the bag.

1. You can attach both of the straps together to form a longer strap and then attach this longer strap to the handbag. You can then wear the bag as a crossbody bag, making it perfect for when you are out shopping. The picture below demonstrates this more clearly.

2. Just like above, you can attach the straps in a similar fashion but instead wear the bag over the shoulder.

3. The silver chain can be doubled over and the leather strap threaded through to create a smaller strap. This can then be easily carried in the hand.

4. You can use the same method above to wear the bag over the shoulder and let the handbag fall slightly higher on the body.

5. Just like the silver chain, the leather strap can be doubled over, and then attached to the handbag so that the bag can be worn around the wrist which would be perfect for a night out. This way of wearing the Haupt Bag is shown below:

6. You could add some extra texture to the bag by leaving the silver chain to hang over the front of the bag and then use the leather strap to either wear the bag over the elbow or over the shoulder.











7. If you felt like adding some glamour to your outfit, you could remove the leather strap and wear only the silver one across the shoulder, like this:

8. If you wanted, you could simply detach both of the straps and wear the Haupt Bag as a clutch bag!


Although one of the main purposes of creating the detachable straps was to offer a choice over which style to wear, another result of this feature is that the bag can be used for a variety of occasions. For example, you could detach both of the straps and wear the bag as a clutch bag on a night out. Or you could attach both the straps together and then wear the bag across the body, which would make it a good handbag for shopping or collecting the kids from school. The Haupt Bag is designed to be the bag that gives you the freedom to wear it regardless of what you are doing or where you are.

We hope you enjoy our newest style, which is now available for purchase on the website, view all of our Haupt Bags by clicking here.

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