Goodbye Olympia London!

November 11, 2014

It has recently been a busy period at SHERENE MELINDA. Leathers have been sourced, bags have been stitched, and plans have been made; all in preparation for The Spirit of Christmas Fair that took place last week. Prior to the event we were working hard to ensure that our newest style, the Haupt Bag, was completed on time. Once all the hard work had been done, we were feeling fairly nervous as we finished setting up our stand (number GH57) and the happy customers began making their way through the doors.

Olympia London was truly a spectacle, seeing the hundreds of stands lined up against each other, each one representing different brands and showcasing various gems. The atmosphere in the hall was of equal magnitude to the view, constantly buzzing with excited chatter and the eager footsteps of hundreds of shoppers looking to find that perfect gift for themselves or somebody special.

And so the week had begun, there was no going back now; all we could do was anxiously wait to observe the response to our unique and distinctive handbags. As the week progressed, we became increasingly encouraged by the overwhelmingly heart-warming reaction to our handbags. 

Many people commented on the versatility our newest handbag offers. Other people were drawn to our stand by the springbok hair-on-hide and the varying range of colours.


The reaction in particular to our newest style, the Haupt Bag, was important to us because we had spent a lot of time and put in a lot of work to finish the handbag before the show began. The response was very positive, across the week people were regularly trying the bags on, and a large number of people entered our competition to win one of the bags; which closed on the final day of the show.


It wasn’t just our newest style that grabbed the attention of passers-by. Our oversized leather clutch bags, our leather tote bags, and our leather crossbody bags all received the same level of attention and adoration. It was obvious, as the week progressed, that the time and effort we put in to arranging our stand and presenting our handbags, the uniqueness of our design and the strikingly brilliant colours of the springbok hair-on-hide had clearly succeeded in the job of attracting an audience.


Journey away from our own stand, and the experience was equally as enjoyable. We had a great week finding out more about the other stands located near us and throughout the fair. There was a never-ending supply of terrific and tasty food to try, a multitude of art work created by very talented painters and sculptors to gaze at, and a treasure chest of unique gifts that you wouldn’t find on the high street.


If you visited our stand at any point throughout the show we want to take this opportunity to thank you. For all those who entered the competition to win one of our newest handbags, the Haupt Bag, which ended on Sunday; we will be announcing the results in the next few days, so keep an eye on your email!

We have a lot of exciting news to share with you over the next few months; so if you haven’t already then please like our Facebook page to stay up to date. Once again good luck to everybody who entered the competition and we hope you enjoyed the show.














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