A small glimpse inside the Spirit of Christmas Fair

November 25, 2014

Recently we expressed our happiness with the week’s events at The Spirit of Christmas Fair which took place at Olympia London. For us, however, all the fun and excitement we experienced didn’t solely take place at our stand. We had a great time meeting the gifted people running the neighbouring stands and finding out more about their fascinating products.

Jessica Mary Design

The eye catching stand directly next to us belonged to a mother and daughter team of fantastically talented milliners. The beauty and distinctiveness of their work constantly drew the attention of both us and those walking by.

Jessica Mary Design focuses on creating completely bespoke, unique and original designs. They use authentic materials sourced on a global scale, meaning that each of their styles are different from one other.    

Check out their full range of hats, jewellery and photography here:


iWood Amp

The unique products offered on this stand caught our attention whilst we were exploring the fair. iWood Amp represents everything The Spirit of Christmas Fair is about, showcasing talent and innovation that you wouldn’t find on the high street.

Their product, a practical and high quality tablet stand, is a must have. They are handcrafted and made using a various range of the finest, sustainably sourced wood. The most intelligent feature about these stands is there is an acoustic curve carved in to the back, which allows sound to be both amplified and projected towards the direction of the room. We were shown a demonstration, and you can clearly hear the difference.

The iWood Amp is the perfect solution to watching movies or reading on your tablet and doesn’t rely on any source of power.

Have a look at their website and full product range here:



Anna Söderström

For those of you who don’t know, The Spirit of Christmas Fair is located in one of London’s most prestigious areas, Kensington. The week of the show offered us the opportunity to experience a different commute to work and enjoy the historic architecture of the area. However, with October having turned to November, it was a bitterly cold journey to Olympia London, and Anna Söderström’s stand began to look very appealing.

Their stand was decorated with the most beautiful and stylish knitwear. Inspired by Swedish heritage, their range of scarves and hats represent a knitting community that dates back hundreds of years. With an emphasis on authenticity, creativity, originality, and quality over quantity; Anna Söderström frequently reminded us what this show and those who exhibit there is all about.  

All of their designs are handcrafted here in London and can take anywhere from several hours up to a few weeks before they are completed. They have an extensive range covering men, women, children, babies and even pets; which you can view here:



agnes & norman

If you haven’t been to Olympia London before, it is hard to describe just how inspiring the building is. As the end of the day crawled slowly nearer, and you had spent the majority of it on your feet, sometimes it was the stunning architecture of this historic and renowned location that kept you motivated.

Similar to Olympia London, it is qualities such as inspiration and vintage design that agnes & norman represent. Their ever-growing range of shoes, hats, handbags and scarfs are made with an antique style that incorporates essential modern features such as the shape of the shoe and wearable heels.

Their ethos and focus is driven by the idea of allowing people the opportunity to adopt a vintage style; and also enjoy the quality of how clothing accessories used to be made. You can view their unique range here:


Get ready for next year

If you didn’t make the show this year, here is just a small glimpse of what you are missing out on. The Spirit of Christmas Fair is a great place to experience all of the quality and originality in shopping that you don’t usually find on the high street. Please show your support for the talented and dedicated work done by those above through spreading the word or sharing this article with your friends.



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