SHERENE MELINDA in Tatler magazine

January 09, 2015

With Christmas over, and the New Year in full swing, SHERENE MELINDA was happy to welcome the arrival of 2015 with the celebration of our second appearance in a Condè Nast publication. Having experienced the excitement of securing some precious space in Vogue at the end of last year, we knew we still had something else to look forward to. Learn more about Tatler magazine below.

Tatler Magazine

Tatler is a glossy magazine released throughout the UK that is well known for focusing on both fashion and lifestyle. Originally founded in 1901 by Clement Shorter, the magazine has had a vibrant history of new owners and rebranding. The original publication was first named after the literary and society journal of the same name founded by Richard Steele in 1709.

When Tatler was first published it was done so as a weekly publication which covered news from all of the elegant balls, charity events and social gatherings of British high society. In covering these events, naturally fashion and style were mentioned frequently. The magazine contained all the latest fashion news and season’s styles as it followed societies best dressed.

During the mid 1900’s Tatler was faced with multiple rebranding projects and name changes. In 1940 the magazine underwent a major transformation when it absorbed The Bystander. In 1965 it was rebranded as London Life and then in 1968 the name of Tatler was restored. Following several legal issues during the 1970’s, the magazine was relaunched as a monthly issue in 1977 and once again named Tatler & Bystander until 1982 when the Bystander was dropped.

In 1982, perhaps Tatler’s most influential editor Tina Brown transformed the magazine in to a youthful and vibrant publication. The success of Tina Brown led to the magazine being purchased by Condè Nast.

Tatler currently has a total circulation of 84,285. The editor is Kate Reardon who is also a contributing editor to Vanity Fair and a columnist for the Daily Mail and the Times. As well as having developed a reputation for reporting on fashion and lifestyle, Tatler is often seen as a publication that keeps up to date on political issues and last year covered Philip Colbert’s Scottish referendum fashion protest in Dover Street, London. The success of Tatler following both fashion and politics has led to the development of a male and female readership.

We are extremely happy and excited to have had our brand exposed to this audience. Below you can see a copy of our feature in Tatler’s February 2015 issue of their magazine. We choose to feature the baby blue and brown leather tote bag because we feel it is a beautiful handbag that would appeal to most people. Happy New Year everyone!


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