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January 23, 2015

Sherene Melinda Springbok Designer Handbag

Working in the fashion industry certainly keeps you on your toes. This week we’d like to discuss one of fashion’s hottest and re-emerging trends; the love for all things fluffy!

The most recent fluffy trend began to rise in the Winter Season of 13/14. The revival of one of fashion’s oldest and most controversial trends stemmed from the development in technology and the sustainable methods of obtaining the materials needed.

The development of technology affects the development of fashion trends

The Guardian reports that, ‘recent technological advances mean that the industry can do far more with the material in terms of mixing it with other fabrics, thinning it and dyeing it’. These advancements in technology have clearly led to more and more designers adopting the use of fluffy materials as they can do much more with it.

At SHERENE MELINDA, we have taken advantage of these advancements in technology to combine the use of springbok hair-on-hide with other materials such as glazed Italian leather and black pig skin leather. The images below show the inside of our handbags which are fully lined with black pig skin leather. The outside back of our handbags are made with glazed Italian leather. The front of each handbag is covered with brightly coloured springbok hair-on-hide. Our handbags demonstrate perfectly how technology has helped to develop fashion; providing designers with the tools to use three different materials and a various range of colours.


Secondly, the rise in sustainable methods of obtaining these materials has led to more designers feeling comfortable in using the materials to create their styles. Both of these factors have played a strong role in the re-emergence of fluffy fashion pieces; from winter coats to year-round accessories such as handbags.

Where can we see the re-emergence of the fluffy trend?

One place where we can see fluffy fashion making a comeback is the revival of the Ugg Boot. British Vogue notes that, ‘Fast-forward to now and autumn's take on traditional knitwear, plush sheepskin and a looming summer season obsessed with a bohemian spirit, is paving the way for an Ugg comeback’. Vogue’s sittings editor Nura Khan also highlights their comfort factor too, stating that, ‘they are just so cosy’.

The revival of the Ugg boot demonstrates two things; firstly that people desire comfort and warmth in fashion. During these cold winter months there is nothing more comforting than the feel of authentic sheepskin on your almost frozen feet. The re-emergence of the fluffy trend is providing us with fashion pieces to carry us through winter. Secondly, the revival of the Ugg boot shows us that the fluffy trend applies to all areas of fashion; from coats, to boots, to gloves, and even to handbags. The latest fluffy trend has represented the increasing use of fur in many different areas of fashion.



Is the fluffy trend year-round?

Some would argue that the fluffy trend is one that makes an appearance in only one season. Although it is obvious that one of the greatest advantages of wearing fluffy items is the warmth they provide, we argue that fluffy items can be appropriate at any time of the year. The reason for this is that with its use covering almost all areas of fashion now, it is not simply a matter of keeping warm but also a style statement.

Another reason we argue this is because with the ability to use colours with fluffy materials in modern day, the fluffy trend can apply to any season. For example our handbags come in an assortment of colours. The yellow handbag shown below is the perfect example of how the fluffy trend can be used in any season. The yellow will brighten up your winter wardrobe and equally add even more warmth to your summer one. It is for these two reasons that we declare the fluffy trend to be all year-round!


What else do we love about all things fluffy?

The reason behind choosing to use springbok hair-on-hide to create our current collection of handbags isn’t simply because fluffy materials have made their way back in to fashion. Firstly, we chose to use springbok hair-on-hide because it is a material that is symbolic of the brand and the designer’s South African heritage. Secondly, we chose to use it because it is unique and distinctive which are two qualities representative of our brand. Finally, we chose to use it in combination with two other types of leather because together these three materials represent luxury and authenticity which are qualities we wanted our handbags to possess.

Looking to the future

With January almost over, it is time to start planning for the rest of the year. At SHERENE MELINDA, we have a year of hard work ahead of us and new styles to think about. It is clear that the fluffy trend has re-emerged due to the development of technology and a greater usability where the material is concerned. The trend has also become more apparent due to a greater range of ways in which it can be used by designers; developing more of a presence in the accessories industry. The fluffy trend has given us the opportunity to create styles that are on trend and are representative of our beliefs, inspiration, and design goals. Remember to follow us on social media by clicking the icons at the bottom of this webpage to stay up-to-date with all the news from SHERENE MELINDA.








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