Hear from our customers at the Ideal Home Show

April 10, 2015

Sherene Melinda Springbok Hair-on-hide Orange Multiway Haupt Bag

We have just finished exhibiting at the Ideal Home Show and it has been 18 days of hard work, handbag sales and perhaps most importantly great responses from happy customers.

One of the proudest achievements for a creative person, is to have their work recognised by others. That is why exhibitions like the Ideal Home Show are not only vital for securing business, but also for welcoming feedback to help inspire and motivate us in our continued mission to deliver quality and original handbags.

In this blog we thought it would be a great idea to share some of the fantastic feedback we received from both customers and passers-by.

One lovely lady, who ended up purchasing two handbags, commented on the comfort of the bag and how it was a nice change that a handbag didn't cause her shoulder pain! She also added that the colours, texture and practicality of the bags were a huge plus. By the end of the show she went on to purchase a third handbag, this one as a gift for someone else.

Another delighted man who bought the bag as a present, said that considering the high quality of the leather, the bags were very good value for money. He admired the varied range of colours and the fact that they were a truly unique product. 

It is great news to hear that so many people adore the springbok hair-on-hide; one lady said, as she ran it through her fingers, that she loved the fan piece of a red Haupt Bag. 

Not only have visitors to the Ideal Home Show loved our bags but equally so have the organisers. In general, the organisers have commented on how we are a fine addition to the show and that it is a positive image for the show to have our products displayed here. Sian loved the handbags so much she was lucky enough to get one of her own - a burnt orange clutch bag (item no longer available). We asked for her thoughts, and she was happy to voice her opinion, labelling the bags as 'unusual and well made'. She said that they 'go with everything in her wardrobe', and that they 'are the perfect size'

As well as securing the feedback of our customers we were also interested in knowing what passers-by thought about the bags. The mornings, when the show was a little quieter, were our chance to be a bit sneaky and open our ears to listen out for anyone thinking out loud. 

Comments included;

'They're different, they're quirky'

'They're nice aren't they'

'Wow I love those handbags'

'They're unusual, they're lovely aren't they'

This type of feedback is heartwarming. It is encouraging to know that other people treasure our handbags as much as we do; and that they appreciate all of the features we have included in the design of our bags. For example, we strive to make our handbags as functional as possible, and to hear people commenting positively on the size and usability of the bags is priceless.

Many thanks to everyone who offered their feedback and also to the organisers of the Ideal Home Show, for welcoming us to the show and for giving us the opportunity to meet more customers face-to-face. For a business like ours, which is currently based primarily online, it is always a golden opportunity to interact with customers in this way. We look forward to next year!

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