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Summer is on its way!

April 16, 2015

With temperatures reaching 24 degrees yesterday, not only did it feel like spring was in the air but perhaps even the early signs of summer had arrived. As the heat rises in London, parks and pubs become packed with budding sun seekers eager to soak up the rays after six months of deprivation. Essentially, the buzzing atmosphere of London’s city centre yesterday was a beacon of inspiration for millions of its ambitious inhabitants; including us!

What do we have planned for the Spring/Summer Season?

Seasons act as the eternal link between fashion and nature; as both seasons and fashion change simultaneously like the setting of the sun and the rise of the moon. Fashion will always be likened to seasons and affected by its recurring transformation. As winter changes to spring, the warmer colours retire to the wardrobe for a period of hibernation, and the bright colours begin making their appearance to both shelves and outfits across the country.

With a range of fantastically vibrant springbok handbags behind us, we look forward to celebrating the summer season. Powered by the vitality of the welcome sunlight, the flower of SHERENE MELINDA can now fully bloom this summer; a season of growing both our brand and collection.



How will we be growing our brand?

With the Ideal Home Show over, the hard work doesn’t end here. The Home Show was just one opportunity of securing a new audience and more exposure for our brand. Spring and summer spells a period of networking, PR and marketing to help SHERENE MELINDA grow and secure a bigger interest.

How will we be growing our collection?

We have already have plans in place for some new additions to our collection. Although we cannot reveal very much at this point, perhaps this news will offer you something to look forward to. Watch this space and keep up-to-date through our social media to learn more about the upcoming springbok handbags.

Final note

We wanted to let you know that we have contacted the winner of our competition and we are currently awaiting their response. If you have the time, we would appreciate if you checked through your inbox to see if you’re the lucky person!

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