Sherene Melinda top picks from The Spirit of Summer Fair

June 23, 2015

Sherene Melinda Handbags at Spirit of Summer 2015

The Spirit of Summer Fair was upon us again last week and it seems that trips to the grand hall of Olympia London have become a frequent and welcomed occasion for SHERENE MELINDA. This year's fair was a little different from our previous visits, as the top level of the Olympia had been cleared and the lower level was being shared between the Spirit of Summer, House and Olympia International Art and Antiques fair; so we found ourselves getting cosy with other Spirit exhibitors, which was great! 

One of the things we enjoy most about exhibiting at the Spirit Fairs is that they bring the unique to the high street, and the online to the offline. This offers even us, as exhibitors, the chance to see some truly special clothing and accessories that we wouldn't necessarily see elsewhere. It is fast becoming a tradition of ours here at SHERENE MELINDA to share the treasures we have discovered on our adventures to the Olympia with you. 

1. Poppy London (Stand C92)

Poppy London were our next door neighbour throughout the show. The brand was inspired by the founder's childhood memories of seeing her grandmother wearing fur. Using these memories, she has created a range of high fashion and contemporary fur pieces, from scarfs to hats. We are already counting the days until winter, when the brand will be releasing their new collection. Check them out at


2. Aspiga (Stand J31)

Aspiga is an African-inspired brand of beachwear products. The vibrant and high quality sandals caught our eye as we explored the Spirit Fair. We were delighted to hear that the brand was created following the founder's vacation to Kenya in 2006, and thought it was extremely apt to have seen another African-inspired fashion brand here. The brand does all their manufacturing in Kenya and helps to provide local employment for residents. Although Aspiga's footwear is originally what caught our eye, they also offer a wide range of women's clothing, which you can see more of at:


3. Penny Levi (Stand E73)

Penny Levi is a more seasoned brand with over 50 years experience in delivering high quality jewellery pieces. The stand initially caught our eye as the jewellery looked to be very unique. After having found out more about the brand, we now know that the designer has travelled the globe extensively and that each individual piece has been inspired in some way by the things she saw and the cultures she was exposed to. This makes for a very interesting collection, as every piece is different from the last. Penny Levi has a fantastic range of earrings, bracelets and necklaces available at


4. Boujies London (Stand F66)

It wasn't just fashion that our eyes were on the lookout for. Boujies London is a luxury perfumery brand, launched in 2010 at London's Old Spitalfields market. Their candles are handmade using 100% natural materials and this attention to detail has taken them from market stall to selling nationwide. If you are interested in high quality and truly special candles and diffusers, then check them out at

With the Summer Fair having drawn to a close at the weekend, we celebrated another year of getting to meet both customers and exhibitors. Although the above selection is only a small taste of what the fair had to offer, we hope that it will encourage you to attend The Spirit of Christmas Fair this November 2nd-8th at London Olympia.

Our June competition to win a our last yellow clutch closes June 30th. Enter HERE if you haven't already done so Good luck!

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