Life is Wonderful

January 21, 2016

Life is Wonderful

SHERENE MELINDA is proud to be participating in one of the most special charity events of this year! We are always looking for ways to get involved with our community here in London and specifically with fundraising events that are closely linked with our South African heritage. That is why we wanted to take part in ‘Life is Wonderful’, helping to support the poverty and inequality fighting organisation Global Citizen.

About the event

‘Life is Wonderful’ is an event headed by The Hon Kevin Rudd, the 26th Prime Minister of Australia, taking place in the heart of Knightsbridge, overlooking Hyde Park at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Monday 25th January. There could not be a more prestigious or idyllic location for honouring the three surviving men of the infamous Rivonia trial, which took place in South Africa in 1964. Denis Goldberg, Ahmed ‘Kathy’ Kathrada and Andrew Mlangeni were all sentenced to life imprisonment at the conclusion of the trial alongside Nelson Mandela. In the name of racial equality, freedom and justice, the three men between them served 74 years in prison.

The name ‘Life is Wonderful’ comes from the climax of the Rivonia Trial: the judge, Justice Quartus De Wet, spoke so quietly as he passed sentence that those in the galleries could not hear him. As everyone feared the death sentence, Denis Goldberg’s mother cried out desperately ‘What is it?’ 

Denis shouted back, filled with joy and relief, “It’s life – life is wonderful!”

The evening in tribute to these three legendary men will be hosted by Rory Bremner, Scottish impressionist and comedian, feature the finest food and wine, A-list entertainment, and an interview on stage with all three men. The event will also be attended by special guest Maki Mandela, the daughter of Nelson Mandela, and the surviving members of the defendants’ legal team, Lord Joel Joffe and George Bizos.

The running activity taking place at ‘Life is Wonderful’ will be an auction on over 100 items, generously donated by various organisations, businesses and individuals across the world.  The auction is divided in two, the Grand Auction taking place and open for bidding on the night of the event and the silent auction, which is now open for bidding online and will close on midnight of Tuesday 26th January.

The Grand Auction

Up to 20 fantastic items will be open for bidding on the night of the event, including a luxurious sit down dinner with Denis Golderg, Ahmed ‘Kathy’ Kathrada and Andrew Mlangeni at Park Lane’s prestigious JW Steakhouse. The prizes featured all centre around the wealth of South Africa’s culture, heritage and history. Alongside the fantastic dinner with the three men, other prizes include a specially commissioned triptych tribute to the three Rivonia icons by London-based artist Sunil Pawar. For a full list of prizes available at The Grand Auction you can download the PDF below.

Click here to view the full PDF showing all items available for auction.

The Silent Auction

Also offered for bidding is a further selection of over 80 items, which are now open for bidding online, using the link below.

The Silent Auction is available to everyone and bidding closes on Tuesday 26th January at midnight. You can bid using the link above or via your phone or tablet. Please see below for details of how to bid using phone/tablet.

This auction presents a whole range of items that are available to win, from fashion events, sport, safari visits, art, music concerts and holidays. SHERENE MELINDA has also donated a pink Ella Tote bag from our new collection, Item #77, in support of this wonderful and worthwhile cause. The bidding for our tote bag begins at £150 and we encourage you to get involved in supporting this event through bidding on any of the items, a full list of which is also available on the PDF above. If you would like to bid on the Ella Tote then please click the picture below.

What are we supporting?

Proceeds from the auction and event will be in support of Global Citizen, a group dedicated to ending worldwide poverty and inequality. Global Citizen aims to provide support for organisations fighting to end poverty and improve the planet, including UNICEF, Oxfam, and the United Nations Foundation. Their work also attempts to influence decision makers and government officials in the fight to end inequality across the globe. Their extraordinary work is vital in educating and informing current and future generations about worldwide poverty and inequality, and they will share the story of Denis Golderg, Ahmed ‘Kathy’ Kathrada and Andrew Mlangeni with the goal in mind of inspiring future generations to take action. It is for these reasons that SHERENE MELINDA is proud, and passionate to support them on this prestigious occasion.

How can you help?

Please get involved in supporting this vitally important cause either by bidding on any of the items available for auction or through sharing this articles and details of how to bid with friends, family and colleagues. We are grateful for all of your support.

You can find out more about the event and buy tickets to attend and take part in the Grand Auction by visiting the website:

You can also contact John Paul Cherrington for information and tickets on the email address

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