Sherene Melinda Handbags Exhibiting at Pure London 2016

February 18, 2016

Sherene Melinda SS16 Sophy Clutch leather handbag Pure London 2016

It’s been a big week for SHERENE MELINDA following the debut of our collection online. The website wasn’t the only place where you could find the Ella Tote and Sophy Clutch, as we also attended Pure London 2016 to proudly show them off to trade customers from across the world. In this week’s blog, we fill you in on all the news and happenings from this year’s show.

A reminder of what Pure London is

Pure London, held at Olympia London, is the leading UK international fashion trade show. It focuses on bringing the talented work of womenswear, accessory and footwear designers to the attention of leading fashion retailers across the world. It is attended by over 12,000 high calibre fashion retailers from both independent and department stores.

The stand

We’re no stranger to gazing up at the glass ceiling of Olympia London and on our second visit to Pure we knew that arranging the perfect stand was of great importance. Last year’s stand did a fantastic job of attracting the attention of passers-by and so we arrived promptly this year to waste no time in preparing a similar arrangement that would highlight our handbags in the best way possible! Here’s a photo of our stand this year:


A special surprise in the showbook

Once the stand had been finished, we all headed home for a good night’s rest before the show began the next morning. Upon receipt of coffee and show handbooks in the morning, we had a few minutes to reflect before the anticipated arrival of this year’s guests. As fingers flicked and eyes skimmed the pages of this year’s showbook, we stumbled upon a photo of the yellow Sophy Clutch on last year’s catwalk. This was certainly a welcome pickmeup before the show began!

The catwalk

With the fond memories of last year’s catwalk refreshed, it was time for this year’s runway show, where the springbok handbags were set to feature again. The handbags chosen for the catwalk this year were the yellow Sophy Clutch and the olive green Sophy Clutch, both of which looked fantastic and nicely complimented the clothes of other designers.

Time for business

Despite all the excitement going on around us, we were there to represent the stand and SHERENE MELINDA, network with trade customers and have the handbags in more stores across the world. The halls of Olympia London offer more than an apt setting for doing business and the vast glass ceiling is always an inspiring sight that keeps you motivated. As a contemporary fashion brand, it is also a great pleasure to exhibit alongside some of the most talented, creative and original designers from London and around the globe.

Below is a clip of the catwalk from Pure London, the yellow Sophy can be seen about 4 minutes in.


What’s next for SHERENE MELINDA?

With Pure behind us, it’s time to start fulfilling the orders from the event and planning for the next visit to the Olympia for the Ideal Home Show! We will be there for a foot cramping 18 days and the show is open to the public, so there’s plenty of time to visit and show your support. SHERENE MELINDA will also be celebrating a 2 year anniversary during the show, so there will be plenty of glasses of wine and slices of cake to pass around.

Stay up-to-date with all the plans for the Ideal Home Show by following us on social media below and thank you to Pure London for having us once again!

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