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Sherene Melinda's Handbag Designer's Interview with Scoop

September 16, 2017

Sherene Melinda SS18 Lou Lou Pouch

To promote the launch of the upcoming collection, SHERENE MELINDA attended Scoop in the Summer at London’s Saatchi Gallery from the 16th to the 18th July. News of the collection’s pre-Christmas arrival has already spread fast across social media, attracting the attention of the brand’s existing customer base and drawing in new patrons as well.

In order to support the collection’s debut at Scoop, Creative Director Sherene caught up with the trade show’s organisers to reveal more information about the forthcoming range at SHERENE MELINDA. In this blog we share snippets of what was discussed and encourage you to read the full interview (posted at the end).

Sherene has previously used a variety of different sources to help inspire each handbag, from manmade city architecture to the rich colours of nature. In the interview, she told us how a special painting she was given years ago by a friend used a mix of colour and shapes, a feature which inspired the upcoming collection.     

The venue for Scoop in the Summer, the Saatchi Gallery, is well known across the world for showcasing contemporary art. The annual international trade show stands above others for its infusion of art and fashion, a concept the wider industry and us in this blog have explored before.  Art and fashion are closely linked because although fashion is primarily functional and necessary, it is art that drives the creative use of colour, texture and shape in fashion.

One of many things Scoop does well is highlight this through the use of clean exhibition spaces that give prominence to the designer’s pieces and cause the event to appear as more of a gallery than a trade show. Eager to explore this concept with Sherene, the interviewer asked about her favourite artist, Russian born Kandinsky. Sherene also spoke about how a recent trip to the British Museum helped remind her of South Africa’s rich art history and culture and that some of the pieces she saw at the event also helped to inspire the upcoming collection.

The interviewer did a great job of dividing the focus between the brand, the new collection, Scoop and Sherene herself. The finished article made for an interesting and insightful read and we encourage you to follow the link below to read the full piece. Sherene shared details of her work/life balance, books, music, her own fashion and her greatest achievement as a designer, amongst many other things.

Click here to read the full article

Scoop itself was another fantastic opportunity to debut the upcoming collection at such a prestigious venue, alongside other talented designers in a luxurious space. It is our second time at Scoop after showcasing a previous collection there in 2016. Thank you to the organisers for having us again, we are sure it will have a positive impact in launching the new collection in both the trade and retail markets.

If you are hungry for more news about the Lou Lou Pouch, Shoulder Bag and Smith Bag then follow us on social media using the links below, where we are posting pictures of the handbags along with information about its release. Also, make sure to keep an eye on this blog, where further details will be shared before the official release.

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