Popularity of the satchel bag

November 24, 2016

With the New Collection soon to be launched, we’ve been taking the time to focus some of our blog articles on the new pieces on offer at SHERENE MELINDA. We’ve recently explored the history of particular handbag styles, such as the tote bag, and in this week’s blog we shine the light on the satchel handbag.

The design of the satchel

The satchel’s simple shape makes it an ideal accessory for carrying items and this has made it useful throughout history for a variety of purposes. Its generally small shape make it ideal for travelling long distances alongside the comfort of the strap, which can either be worn across the body or over the shoulder. It is for these reasons that the satchel is also commonly referred to as a messenger bag.

The first signs of the satchel

We can see evidence of satchel type bags being used as far back as the Roman times. In TV shows or film adaptations, messengers are often wearing satchel bags. Historians have noted that these types of bags were worn, mainly by soldiers, to carry rations or personal belongings and were called Loculus, which literally translates as ‘little place’ in Latin. 

When did satchels become popularised in fashion?

It wasn’t until the early 17th Century when the satchel bag made a move in to fashion. Satchel bags were usually finished in full leather and this made them a stylish accessory that still offered practically and comfort. Because of this, satchel bags became popular with schoolchildren and this helped to cement the satchel’s place in the fashion market. Films like Indiana Jones also helped to make the satchel an iconic accessory with the lead character sporting a satchel bag as he went adventuring.


Where is the satchel today?

The satchel’s shape and design has made this bag well-liked by both genders, with the rise of the ‘man bag’ in fashion a clear influence and result of the satchel’s popularity. Big designer brands, such as Mulberry, have continued to produce satchels in their latest collections and in most workplaces, school playgrounds and high streets you will spot a satchel on the shoulder of a passer-by.  

However you look at it, the design of the satchel bag is inspired by functionality and that has given it a universal appeal, which is set to stay.

For more details on what makes the SHERENE MELINDA satchel different from the rest, you can visit this blog for more details. The brand new Satchel is set to launch online soon and is currently available for pre-order via email shop@sherenemelinda.co.uk

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