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Making the SHERENE MELINDA Haupt Bag

Sherene Melinda LONDON Branding

‘The Haupt Bag’ is the latest style in our range here at SHERENE MELINDA. The bag draws inspiration from one of our previous styles; the oversized leather clutch bag but aims to focus more on versatility and offering greater choice in how the bag is worn. The bag is intended to be a multiway bag, using design elements of both the large clutch and the leather shoulder bag.

Inspiration behind the name

This bag proudly represents the heritage of its designer Sherene M. Robson. In the first instance, similar to her other styles, it features the brightly coloured and soothingly soft South African springbok hair-on-hide that her designs are becoming increasingly known for.

Further to this, the naming of the Haupt Bag also draws inspiration from the family heritage of this London handbag designer. Haupt is the German for ‘main’, or ‘top of the hierarchy’ which we feel is what this bag represents in terms of our current collection. This is because with the features of the bag and the versatility it offers, we believe it is symbolic of being the one handbag that suits any situation or outfit. The idea for the name also came from the designer’s family name of Hauptfleisch, originally a family of butchers!

The style of the bag

As mentioned previously, the bag is intended to be a more versatile version of the oversized leather clutch bag. We made sure that the size of the bag stayed the same to ensure it could still hold all the things necessary to a day at work followed by an evening out.

However, the most unique feature of this new style is two detachable straps, one made of leather and the other a silver coloured chain. The ability to add either strap separately or together in a variety of ways allows the wearer to adopt multiple styles, which we feel is something many handbags do not offer.

The manufacturing process

In this article we wanted to give readers an insight in to the manufacturing process involved when creating a handbag.

Sometimes it is easy to forget just how complicated and time consuming the process is. Therefore we have created a short video, found below, which explains in more detail the manufacturing process. Accompanied with stunning images, it should be easy to follow, but of course we would be happy to answer any questions you might still have after watching the video.

This video shows the process of making The Haupt Bag from start to finish, from cutting the leather, to glueing, stitching, and finally to the adding of the accessories and straps.

The video is reflective of both the quality and amount of intricate work involved in making a handbag. Handbags are made up of many different components which is a fact that can be easily forgotten. The handbag has an outer and inner layer, a front and back, pockets, straps, zips. All these parts themselves require time to properly make.

For example in the video we see how both the springbok hair-on-hide and the black pig skin leather must be cut exactly to size, which is a task that requires great care.

The zip tabs must be cut, then glued, then folded through the zip, and finally sewn together, which requires precision and craftsmanship.

The time and skill involved in creating these components is a good representation of how high quality the finished product is. In other words, the more time you put in, and the more skill that you have, the better the handbag.

This video demonstrates that at SHERENE MELINDA we place both time and care at the top of our agenda when designing and creating our handbags. We strongly believe in two things; that a handbag is the most important element of any outfit, and that a handbag should last a lifetime. By ensuring that we commit the right amount of time and the right amount of care in to creating our bags; we in turn ensure that the finished handbag satisfies both of these beliefs.

Please share this article and the video so more people can see how The Haupt Bag is made. We hope you love the new style!

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Our handbags are made using leather both inside and out. We use nappa leather on the outside and the handbags are lined with an ecofriendly (using no harmful chemicals or dyes) natural pigskin leather in the inside. This helps to make our bags incredibly soft and luxurious but also durable and longlasting.

For our signature feature that we have become known for we use genuine Springbok hair-on-hide leather. The ethical source of the materials is very important to us. Springbok are classified as non-cites (which means there is no threat to the survival of the species) and the animals live freely in abundance in South Africa. The sustainability of the species is carefully managed and the population is culled to keep the ecosystem in balance. The local food industry benefits from this and the by-products are also utilised in decorative ways in interiors, furniture and fashion.

All our leathers are a by-product of the food-industry.

We use only high quality YKK zips and silver-coloured metal chains, studs and handbag hardware.

All our handbags are offered with a white cotton dustbag to keep them clean.