We’ve reached the halfway point!

March 25, 2015

The last 6 days have been filled with anticipation for our one year anniversary; and hard work as we’ve been exhibiting at the Ideal Home Show in London Olympia. We hope that you have been following our countdown on Facebook and Twitter, and that you share our excitement in reaching the one-year milestone.

Halfway through

The 6th day in our countdown represents the 6th month in the yearlong life of SHERENE MELINDA and the halfway point in our countdown. As you have probably guessed by now, we are filled with joy at the prospect of reaching the one-year mark! This day also marks the halfway point in the race to win one of our Haupt Bags!

You can automatically enter into the competition to win a Haupt Bag by following our anniversary countdown on social media and by sharing a Facebook post or retweeting on Twitter.

The Ideal Home Show

You may or may not know that since Friday 20th we have been exhibiting at the Ideal Home Show at London Olympia. We have already savoured the chance of exhibiting at this famous arena during the Spirit of Christmas Fair in November; but it’s different this time!

We are now located at stand B522 which is on the opposite side of the venue, but still on the balcony looking over the glorious scenes below. This year we are part of the fashion and beauty section, which is buzzing with all sorts of different stands ranging from children’s clothing to skin care products.

One thing that has not changed since the Spirit of Christmas Fair is the excited chatter and eager footsteps of the many happy shoppers at London Olympia. We have loved talking to them and seeing their reaction to our range of handbags. Many, along with the show’s organisers, have commented on how unique and distinctive the handbags are; how they are not something they were expecting to see and that they are a welcome surprise!

We are glad that we have something new and interesting to offer people at the Ideal Home Show; and although the past few days have been a lot of hard work (spent mostly on our feet) we are very happy to be here!


We will be exhibiting until the 6th April so if you haven’t already please come and visit us to show your support and see our stunning handbags in person. We are at stand B522 which is located on the Upper Balcony in the Fashion and Beauty section.

Good luck to everyone who has so far entered the competition; and remember there is still time to enter via social media by sharing the news of our anniversary with your friends;

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


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